Marigold Macarons with Vanilla Lemon Buttercream

Marigold Macaron 1

What’s the common thread between macarons, human biology, and tax forms? I have no idea how to make, practice, or fill out any of the aforementioned items. It’s about time that I tried to get at least one of these things accomplished before I die. I took a human biology class once, did not go well, and I have turbo tax to do all the heavy lifting when taxes are due. That left me with only one feasible option. Macarons.Marigold Macaron 3

Macarons are one of my all time favorite desserts. I remember the first time I had macarons was at the LAX airport. I was slightly champagne drunk (honestly the only way to fly) during a layover and needed a bite to eat. I went to La Provence Patisserie and bought a dozen macarons. The experience was life changing. I bought another dozen from a small bakery in San Francisco the next day. The sugar high was real. The come down was all too real, miserable to be honest.

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